Eco-friendly packaging

According to the UK government’s statistics on waste from December 2016, our industry was responsible for almost 4000 tonnes of paper waste and 44,500 tonnes of textile waste.

Over the years our manufacturer has been taking steps to minimise their impact on the environment through adopting new tec­hno­logi­es. Recently they've implemented a completely paperless bespoke order management system and developed a textile waste donation policy to support local homeless charities — and the next step is eco-friendly packaging.­ 

From the beginning of April 2018 they will be using either recyclable or bi­odeg­ra­dab­le packaging. There's no opt-in/­opt-out; the new packaging will be used for all orders.­ 

Stock of the packing currently used is being exhausted and they will then make the switch, so there is no exact date but it's coming up soon. The changes they are making are: 

Please note: The cost of shipping your orders will not be affected by these packaging updates.