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Rod Orman from Artysan Prints explores...

  • Style and you
  • Style and the world around us
  • Is Style a learned behaviour?

What I express in this blog will not be able to do justice or cover enough material to incorporate all the many and varied styles and what they may mean to each of you.  Please do not be offended if something is missed, but please feel free to leave your comments on our blog - we always welcome interaction.

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Style & You

Thank goodness that we do not all dress with the same style - what a dull and boring world that would be! 
It can be guaranteed that your style will be not be to everyone's taste and that is fine because we were all made as individuals and we can only maintain our individuality by being and wearing what we like.  Others will invariably comment on your style - some people will be positive and some will be negative.  Always remember... this is "YOUR STYLE" and in order to maintain that, stick to what you prefer.  Don't be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror to check out your clothing style.  If you are comfortable with what you are seeing in the mirror and wearing, then go with that.  If you are not happy then change things up a bit - add another item of clothing or an accessory and look in the mirror again.
Never be afraid of change in trying new styles of clothes, and accessories - you never know that you might even give other people ideas to help them with their style.
Also be aware of others around you that struggle with any consistent style and that is also ok.  For some of you style does not matter at all, in that you wear whatever comes out of your wardrobe and you are cool with that.   Good for you - it most likely lends itself to a less complicated life.
Check out this great article on "Why style is about more than just the clothes you wear"... Written by Anna Mewes, Personal Style and Image Consultant  from site...
The article includes comments like...
Don't punish yourself - Style blog by
"Don't punish yourself if you feel overweight by not wearing the colours and styles that you like..."
Feeling happy with yourself - Style blog from
"Since then I have always made an effort to make the best of myself – no matter what my shape or size or how I’m feeling – as I know when I make the effort I FEEL so much better."    
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Style and the world around us

The world around us - Artysan Prints Blog
We cannot or not without difficulty avoid the world around us.  We are bombarded daily by the media, whether it is news or social media.  Within these contexts we constantly see styles and fashion of one type or another.  Wherever we go we are also in contact with people who have many different styles of their own.
Some people will spend their lives following fashion styles, fashion icons or pop idol's styles.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as we keep things in perspective and don't forget who we really are.  Creativity is built on people being different and "inventing" or creating".  Sometimes our own inventing or creating.
Elisa Goodkind & Lily Mandelbaum together founded a unique web site that encourages people to be comfortable in their own skin.
Elisa Goodkind, a fashion stylist who worked for top fashion magazines and celebrities quoted... "After twenty years in the business, she was frustrated by how the industry, which had once been a home to artistry and rebellion, had become about selling status, conformity and increasingly formulaic ideals of beauty"  Follow the link below to read more about StyleLikeU...
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Is Style a learned behaviour?

Learnt behaviour - Style Blog from Artysan Prints

As we grow from being children into adults we will come into contact with the world around us.  We will be impacted in the formative years by what we see, hear and experience face to face. 
To a larger extent our style will be guided by (learnt from) our parents as we go places and see things with them.  Our style will be influenced in most case by our upbringing.  If we travelled to exotic places then our style may be or at least include fashion from around the world rather than our own "home" culture.
If you are looking for your style and would like some help then I found an interesting article that might help you. But always bear in mind if this does not help then be free to be you.
9 Steps to Finding Your Personal Style and Sticking to ItThe article was written in March 2018, and covers many topics like, understanding your body shape, finding signature pieces, creating mood boards and not ruling out uniform.  If you are interested then please go ahead and check out the link below. 

Emma Spedding Picture

But always bear in mind if this does not help...
be free to be you!
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Artysan Prints introduce 2 more garment designs to our style collection.

Each design can be found on 3 garment types:-
  • A Boxy Flowy top for that summery cool look. 
  • A long T-shirt that keeps you a little warmer around the waistline
  • V-Neck for those who have a great neckline.

New Designs



Flair Logo on a Long T-Shirt from

‘she dressed with flair’

Our new FLAIR design has a little out of the ordinary in mind.  Rainbow colours provide a sense of creativity and sparkle.  The italic font used implies Italy, style, sleek lines and good taste. 
As with the rest of our "STYLE" collection we have tried to capture the essence of the word in a visual way.

Stylish design in the Style collection from Artysan Prints
Should we have "Stylish" in our "STYLE" range?  We think that it is only right to encapsulate the word.  To be stylish means to have elegance, taste or refinement.  Our font is similar to that used by Chanel, a well known fragrance which is associated with being stylish.
In order to bring the word to life we have added a background of synonyms, such as modish, debonair, fancy and chic to name a few.
We hope is that in wearing this design you will feel sophisticated and as the word says - STYLISH!