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First, we must understand...
  •     What is style?
  •     Does it matter?
  •     Fashion versus Style?

What is Style?

Hopefully by reading on we can share with you our thoughts and that of one or two other people in the fashion industry.

A style is a manner of doing or presenting things...  According to Wikipedia.

The Oxford On-Line Dictionary, says that "Style" is a particular procedure by which something is done; a manner or way.  For example ‘the world-famous hotel attracts guests because of its style and taste'... 

Fashionable elegance and sophistication.
Artysan Prints Boxy Flowy T-Shirt


Does Style Matter?

Our view is that you can adopt a "Style" you chose, that is entirely up to you.  This "Style" might be what you wear, how you speak, or think.  Equally part of your "Style" may dictate where you shop or the holidays you take. 

In some senses "Style" does matter to you, but I suspect it may not matter to anyone else. 

Style may matter to other people in terms of their response or how they interact with you.  If this need must be met, then you will no doubt adopt a Style to suit.

What we hope is that you are comfortable with the "Style" you have already and if NOT you feel free try other "Styles".  My wish as a designer at Artysan Prints is that we are providing designs on garments that help you express your "Style". 

Please give us feedback - we would love to hear from you?


Fashion versus Style?

Is there a real difference...
between fashion and style?

There is a difference, but what do you think?
We have extracted a few key points from an interesting article by Jill Chivers, (fashion blogger).  It outlines some differences, but is this a matter of opinion?

"Fashion is the relationship to the external."

"Style is the relationship to the internal" - In other words, the real you.

"Fashion distracts, style connects"

If you would like to read the full article then there is a URL below.
Quotes from Fashion Articles

Artysan Prints  "STYLE" Range

The "STYLE" range exclusively from Artysan Prints online shop of Ladies Tops is aimed at connecting the real you with the world around you.  To help you present the real "you" to the outside world in a stylish way.  Our belief is that style is as important to you as it is to us. 

We have introduced our range called "STYLE" to reflect different aspects of "STYLE".

We at Artysan Prints hope that our designs will allow you to express your own sentiments to that effect.  So we have chosen designs that are mainly a word or a few words that can stand alone in declaring their meaning. 
Our first 3 words and designs are:-
  • "Elegance"
  • "Simplicity"
  • "Graceful"
Where appropriate we have added additional words or simple icons that enhance the meaning of the word.  Read on to discover more about our first three ladies fashion tops giving you the choice of designs on different garments.  These 3 garments are a Flowy Boxy, a V Neck and a Long T-Shirt.  Colour-wise on the garments we can offer White and Black, and with one garment also offering Navy.
Elegance Design from Artysan Prints Style Collection
Elegance is a form of beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness particularly in the areas of visual design.  Elegant things exhibit refined grace and suggest maturity.

Essential components of the concept include simplicity and consistency of design, focusing on the essential features of an object. In art of any kind, one might require dignified grace or restrained beauty of style.

Visual stimuli are frequently considered elegant if a small number of colours and stimuli are used, emphasizing the remainder.

Back in a copy of The New York Times (1988)
Fashion; For Galanos, Elegance Is Eternal
''Elegance is not a dirty word anymore,'' he said. ''It never should have been.''  James Galanos

Simplicity from Artysan Prints Style Collection

Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple. Something easy to understand or explain seems simple, in contrast to something complicated.  In some uses, the label "simplicity" can imply beauty, purity, or clarity.
We took a famous saying from Leonardo da Vinci and use it in its simplest form - just as it says...
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  Leonardo da Vinci
This seemed an apt quote to put on this ladies top.
Graceful from Artysan Prints Style Collection
Gracefulness, or being graceful, is the physical characteristic of displaying "pretty agility", in the form of elegant movement, poise, or balance. The etymological root of grace is the Latin word gratia from gratus, meaning pleasing. Gracefulness has been described by reference to its being aesthetically pleasing.

Gracefulness is often referenced by simile; with people being described as being "as graceful as a swan", or "as graceful as a ballerina".  We took the idea of the graceful swan's neck and applied it to this design.

What "Style'ish" garments can you buy from Artysan Prints?

There are times of the year when it can be difficult to choose what to wear, that’s why it is important to always have a good layer next to you, that can be added to depending on the temperature and climate where you are.   Good quality T-Shirts are essential.

3 Types of Ladies tops - A Boxy Flowy top for that summery cool look.  A long T-shirt that keeps you a little warmer around the waistline, and a V-Neck for those who have a great neckline.

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Our Garments and Manufacturers

V-Neck T-Shirt
Our manufacturer is continuously seeking innovative ways to reduce their footprint, understanding their responsibility and commitment to the communities where they operate.  They treat their employees with respect and empower them to succeed and participate in their overall success. They understand that without their employees' skills and dedication they cannot achieve their goals.

The Material used is 100% ringspun cotton.  The weight of the garments are -   White 144gsm and for colours 153gsm.  Garments are pre-shrunk and have fitted style with side seams.  Taped neck and shoulders plus twin needle sleeves and hem make sure that this garment is of great quality.
Long T-Shirt
Our manufacturer of these T-Shirts supplies over 60 countries and 240 towns worldwide.  They have committed to:-
  •     The signature of the Geneva Convention banning child labour.
  •     The drawing up and controlled implementation of an exemplary code of conduct on working conditions and social laws in Bangladesh and China.
  •     The use of non-toxic dyes.
  •     The financing of a hospital and an orphanage, etc…
The long T-Shirt is made of 100% ringspun cotton.  It has a taped neck and Kimono shaped sleeves.  Material weight = 115 gsm.


Boxy Flowy T-Shirt

Our manufacturer for this Boxy Flowy T-Shirt confirms to WRAP

What is WRAP?
WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) is a globally recognized, independent 3rd party certifying body whose mission is to promote ethical, humane and lawful conditions and practices in all manufacturing facilities. Companies accepted into the WRAP organization go through an extensive application process in which manufacturing facilities, working environments, and worker's rights are inspected and approved by the WRAP association. WRAP certifications are awarded based upon both internationally and nationally accepted humane workplace standards, local laws, and ethical manufacturing regulations.

The material is 65% polyester/­35% viscose.  In terms of shape, this T-Shirt is a cropped length and has a relaxed style.  The scoop neckline gives it that extra comfortable loose feeling.  The material weight is 125 gsm
We believe that these designs are best on a white T-Shirt - but that is up to you as we offer one or two colour choices for each design and garment type.
STYLE is an active and growing range of Ladies fashion tops - Keep following us as we will be bringing out additional designs - with new words.

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