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We have 4 new exciting hand crafted designs on long sleeved T-Shirts for those colder evenings...

2 new designs for the Gents and 2 new designs for the Ladies. 

NOTE - We are quite a rare T-Shirt company on-line because we are able to offer our designs on a variety of colours.  These are chosen to maximise the logo design image.

NEW For the Ladies:-

  • Specially for Mums we have the "Mums Need Hugs" logo with an appropriate background.  A special gift for your mum/mother, whether for Mother's Day or just a gift for your Mum because you love and appreciate her.
  • Let Love be your guide is taken from the bible and is a suitable message for people with or without a faith

NEW For the Gents:-

  • BOOM! - Just what you Dad's need to remember the year that you entered the exciting and life changing event of being a Father.  Boom!... seems to be the most fitting way to capture that statement.
  • Let your Light Shine! - An expression of how those with faith want to be able to demonstrate God's ever present love and life to those around them.  Not necessarily share with words, but also with actions.

Each of our prints are carefully designed from scratch with that extra bit of care and attention to detail.  Once in a while we buy in a designs from another artist where we consider it to be of value to our range of clothing.  These designs are always licensed for us to use commercially.

Often we use ideas and quotes for our T-Shirts, but mix that up with something to make it special and memorable, hence our claim to have unique designs.

With this in mind we hope to bring you a selection of T-Shirts and over time many other clothing types, such as Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Baseball Caps.  Our Baseball caps are embroidered rather than printed.

LATER in 2018 & into 2019

You will see a number of different types of products appearing over the course of the next 12 months.  These will include Mugs, Phone Cases and Lampshades.

We always appreciate any feedback and/or comments on our designs and products in general?

Feedback is welcome in many forms - either via our web site, our Facebook Page ( or even messenger. 

For those of you who like to use e-mail you can e-mail us at